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About Me

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Evelyn Durst

Creative Photographer

But who am I really?

Plants have always been an important part of my life. As a kid I started with a cactus and this very first acquisition was followed by many other plants, they are a constant presence in my life.
The immense variety of plants always fascinated me and captivated my attention, therefore I specialized my hobby of photography literally focusing on plants. With time my collection of photos has grown considerably and is a lasting memory of past plants, of rare and difficult ones of friends, great cultivators, travels and documentary observations. Now I have an extensive archive that shows how wonderful and sometimes bizarre our nature is.
Attracted not only by flowers, the most showy part of plants, my camera lens concentrates on hidden and suggestive views thus discovering details, colours, geometry as well as similarities and even weird aspects, unexpected forms and living sculptures.
Part of my photos is absolutely original with the colours emphasized only by the black background, while others are evidently processed or completely transformed. But let the pictures speak for themselves!

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Find your Vision

Challenge your point of view, think of your message, extract the unexpected. Taking a photograph is a creative process, you make the subject yours by representing what your mind and your eyes perceive.


Enhance the Concept

It’s not always possible to portray what you have in your mind just using your camera, from time to time you need to manipulate light, the subject or maybe the picture itself in order to transfer your idea and point of view to whomever watches your creation.


Share your Message

The real challenge is being able to share your message, your point of view, with the public. What will they understand? What will they see? What will the think? What will they feel? Art is all about engagement.

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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”

Ansel Adams.

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